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My own “Golden Ratio”: From here on out, I’m putting in what I take out.

For the past several years, since I first started using RSS in general and Google Reader in particular, I’ve had the continually awesome experience of reading just insane amounts of information online. Everything is “Oh, I want to learn about that!” Click. Subscribe. Read. Then be ridiculously over-proud of myself for now knowing whatever the hell it is I just learned, but only ever just letting it basically rot in the back of my dome.

But for all my criticisms, both constructive and not, I never actually write anything about it. I just complain. Constantly. So I’m really as bad as the non-contributing, sarcastic ironists that I’m griping about being non-contributing, sarcastic and ironic.

So for every X number of articles/posts that I read on reddit or Google Reader, I will write an article/post/comment myself. What is a good number for X in this equation? I’m not sure yet, so please offer your suggestions in the comments. Is the process of reading-feeding back a 1:1 relationship? 2:1? 5:1? Is it totally subjective and unquantifiable thus letting me off the hook before I even get underway?



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